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Jesus, My Banner!

Have you every had a day that you wish you could wake up and start over? Things and obstacles seem to get in the way. From traffic, to children, to co-workers. Life is happening all around you and you are in a fight.

On days like that remember that Jesus is your banner! As I was praying after having a rough night. I began to see a banner wave in the spiritual realm. That banner was Jesus. I imagined that the banner said "Jesus" on it, and in any direction, you could see it! It was a declaration of my relationship with Christ. Jesus was shouting that I belonged to Him, that His name is above every other name. Every frustration of the day had to bow. Every frustration of the day must submit to absolute defeat.

As I saw the banner wave, my faith begin to rise. It rose knowing that the name of Jesus takes care of everything! Every circumstance, frustration, ungodly influences and assignments were no match for the name, JESUS! In every direction the banner was waved and with every wave the enemy was defeated.

I challenge you today to see the Banner of Jesus for your life. Wave it in every direction with your faith. Wave the banner at every situation as a declaration of the truth of Jesus in your life! Wave the Banner of Jesus and give Him PRAISE!!!

Psa 20:5 - We will sing for joy over your victory, And in the name of our God we will set up our banners May the LORD fulfill all your petitions.


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