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I saw Intercessors around the Throne!

I had a vision and in this vision I saw Intercessors gathered around the Throne of God. There were many but there was also a clear distinction (different levels of intercession and access). Some intercessors were fully present before the throne while others were as a faded or disappearing color. They were spirit-like and very light in color. Then there were others that would appear for a moment and then disappear all together. They just kept popping in and out. Some would pop in with full color, others a gentle fade. There was even one intercessor who came in, in almost full color and yelled abruptly and left. But one stood out to me. He never left his place of intercession. No, it was not Jesus but it was a man. A man that never faded in or out, but was in full color, like he was physically there. He stood in front, in the center of it all. He was living before the Throne as an intercessor.

This pricked my heart and I began declaring that I too, would live as an intercessor before the Throne of God.

The bible says in Heb 7:25 - Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them

As I meditated on Jesus living to make intercession for us, I wondered how that really works. Although we know being with God is a supernatural experience, you can't help to wonder how things are actually done sometimes.

As I saw Jesus in heaven in my mind, he was simply living. He could be seated at the right hand of God or speaking and communing with angels and saints. But the one thing I perceived was God looking at Jesus. Everywhere Jesus went, He was a testimony of the sacrifice made for the beloved. His passion was evident as Jesus lived his life. What did God see when he beheld his son, God saw the sacrifice of LOVE! Every time God looked upon Jesus, it was an ultimate sacrifice of love first to Him and then to us.

Living a life of intercession is not praying every moment of the day. It is living a life of love before the King of Kings. It's loving God and loving our neighbors. And when we do this, we live as Jesus does in heaven - before the Throne room.

When your life is prayer, there is no request not heard. The favor of God rest upon you to love His beloved and the world. This will manifest in gifts, miracles, signs and wonders. Living a life of intercession is an obedient life that is totally in Love with God, thereby totally in Love with people.

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