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Old and advanced in age Joshua makes a farewell address to Israel. Speaking prophetically beginning in Joshua 24:2-13, God gives a brief history lesson to the Israelites. He shows them all they have been through and what He has delivered them from. As you read through the passage, you will notice the sin of Israel is not mentioned. But rather God encourages them to look at His goodness instead. Even though Israel had a history of sinning before Him, God had forgiven them and chose to forget their past. (That will preach by itself) After going through the synopsis, Joshua encourages the people to choose one way or the other. Either choose God or choose the other gods that can do nothing for you. You would think after hearing the stories and experiencing miraculous events themselves, this generation of the Children of Israel would easily make the right choice. However, there is something missing from the equation. Israel was the son of Isaac, and Isaac the son of Abraham. And Abraham was the son of Terah; who came from a long line of idol worshippers. It’s no wonder the Israelites were drawn to idol worship from time to time. Many say it’s due to the time they spent in Egypt. Well that just reinforced the sinful worshipping of false gods. But it seems that idol worshipping was passed down from generation to generation way before Egypt. Once you get down towards the end of the passage Joshua, the son of Nun, makes a declarative statement. He says, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord”. You see as the priest of his home his job is to ensure servitude to the True and Living God! His job is to ensure his family serves the Lord! There is something else to note. Joshua came from the same line of idol worshippers as the rest of the nation. But Joshua decided the same curse that plagued the generations before me will no longer plague me or my family. He says the curse stops here. He says we WILL serve the Lord! As the man of his home Joshua speaks over his family with a declaration of faithfulness unto God. As for me and my house… As the man of the house Joshua speaks and his family comes into alignment. What am I telling you? IF WE WIN THE MAN WE WIN THE HOME! Forget your past. Focus on His goodness!!! ARISE! 2018, WE WILL WIN THE MEN!!!

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